Mona Parsons Haiku

Pros of nun schooling - Skills to stay so cool before Nazi judge, death stalled. You might have inferred from my post about my dear Grandpa Ivan that beneath the plaid exterior of the Nova Scotian man potentially lies the heart of a badass. Turns out, that applies to the women too. Mona Louise Parsons … Continue reading Mona Parsons Haiku


Helen Dortch Longstreet Haiku

Smile, belle of South! Time will come when you'll help to Kick Hitler in teeth. Sometimes, when researching another subject for a haiku, you stumble upon an equally deserving badass. Such was the case with General Longstreet, as that led me to learn about his second wife, Helen Dortch. Dortch was born in Carnesville, Georgia … Continue reading Helen Dortch Longstreet Haiku

(PSA) Would-be Millenial Writer Whines About How Things Are Hard

Flipping dead people. I've got a blog post to write! Stop being complex. I've every intention of completing Ehler's Choice Week, but Rommel is tripping me up. He's going to require a bit more thought, given the amount of historical controversy surrounding him. That's been a problem with the history haiku posts lately - they've … Continue reading (PSA) Would-be Millenial Writer Whines About How Things Are Hard

Frieda Belinfante Haiku

Records office bombed? Oh man, the Gestapo did Nazi that coming. Today on Crossdresser Week, we present Frieda Belinfante - cellist, conductor, and Nazi botherer. And no, I will not apologize for the terrible pun in the haiku. Frieda Belinfante was born in Amsterdam in 1904 to Aron Belinfante (a Jewish pianist) and Georgine Hesse. … Continue reading Frieda Belinfante Haiku