Mona Parsons Haiku

Pros of nun schooling - Skills to stay so cool before Nazi judge, death stalled. You might have inferred from my post about my dear Grandpa Ivan that beneath the plaid exterior of the Nova Scotian man potentially lies the heart of a badass. Turns out, that applies to the women too. Mona Louise Parsons … Continue reading Mona Parsons Haiku

Actress Keene Foils Lincoln Murder Plot, Claims Booth’s Heart

This is prompted by a biography of actress Laura Keene I had to give up on midway through for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was that if it had an editor, they didn't do their damned job. This lead to such sentences as, "She literally claimed their hearts..." April 15, 1965, WASHINGTON … Continue reading Actress Keene Foils Lincoln Murder Plot, Claims Booth’s Heart

Rose Greenhow Haiku

"Wow! Can't believe it! Totes p0wned abolitionist! Then everyone clapped." Once upon a time, I did whole week chronicling punchable faces in history. But of course, there are other historical faces in need of punching, so let's revisit that today! Rose O'Neal Greenhow was born in 1813ish in Maryland, the third of five daughters. Her … Continue reading Rose Greenhow Haiku

Helen Dortch Longstreet Haiku

Smile, belle of South! Time will come when you'll help to Kick Hitler in teeth. Sometimes, when researching another subject for a haiku, you stumble upon an equally deserving badass. Such was the case with General Longstreet, as that led me to learn about his second wife, Helen Dortch. Dortch was born in Carnesville, Georgia … Continue reading Helen Dortch Longstreet Haiku

Nellie McClung Haiku

Sad your stupid words Were twisted, thrown back at you? Cry more, punk premier. Today on Ehler's Choice Week, Nellie McClung! Canadian suffragette and another pick from my sainted mother. Women of other countries attained the vote through hardship, long and bitter campaigns, and the occasional threats of violence. Women of Canada caught their foot … Continue reading Nellie McClung Haiku