Kelsey and Five Presidents Walk Into a Bar

Photo by Chris F on Many presidents and presidential candidates are judged on whether it'd be nice to have a beer with them. This is a shallow and worthless metric. The real question is: "Who do I want by my side in a bar fight?" I've considered the matter thoroughly and I have my … Continue reading Kelsey and Five Presidents Walk Into a Bar

James Longstreet Haiku

General ponders - "Slaves people? Lee fallible?" Southerners enraged. During the controversies over statues of Confederate generals, I couldn't help but be reminded of General James Longstreet. Why, you might ask? I'll explain. Longstreet was born in South Carolina in 1821. 'Longstreet' was actually an anglicized version of 'Langestraet', his ancestor having immigrated to New … Continue reading James Longstreet Haiku