Junius Brutus Booth Haiku

"Flee with me 'cross sea, Raise brood in woods as I tour." 'Free Love's true meaning. The penultimate day of Actor Week features Junius Brutus Booth, father of Edwin and John Wilkes. Junius was born in 1796 in London to a lawyer who was a total George Washington fanboy. He started acting at 17 and … Continue reading Junius Brutus Booth Haiku

Astor Place Riot Haiku

Chill out, drama geeks. Find calming play, like football Or Monopoly. Actor Week continues with the American Edwin Forrest and the British William Charles Macready - or rather, what happened when shit got real between the two. May 10, 1849. Forrest and Macready were performing in rival productions of Macbeth at the Broadway Theater and … Continue reading Astor Place Riot Haiku