Empress Elizabeth of Russia Haiku

"Less executions, More totally sick parties." Enlightened policy. Today on Crossdresser Week, we return to Russia, where interesting shit happened all the time. But we're turning the clock back a couple centuries to focus on Elizabeth Petrovna, Empress of Russia and daughter of Peter the Great and Catherine I. Elizabeth was born in 1709, one … Continue reading Empress Elizabeth of Russia Haiku

Vera Karalli Haiku

Like perv Rasputin Is going to stay to get shanked If there's no hot dames. Vera Karalli, Russian ballerina, silent film actress, dance instructor, and probable co-conspirator in Rasputin's assassination, was born 129 years ago today. In those dramatic years before the Russian Revolution, she starred in a whopping sixteen silent films, including the very … Continue reading Vera Karalli Haiku

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna Haiku

Rules for happy life - Do not wed a Romanov, Don't stand near mine shafts. Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna was killed a hundred years ago today, a day after her little sister, Empress Alexandra, was shot up in an Ekaterinaburg cellar with husband, children, servants, and dog. Somehow, Elizabeth's end managed to be even worse. … Continue reading Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna Haiku

Maria Bochkareva Haiku

Ditch brutal husband Form Battalion of Death Bayonet the Hun The Night Witches of World War II, while awesome, were not without precedent. Russians had been primed to consider female soldiers in the prior global showdown - that is, female soldiers serving openly, without strapping down their chests and hoping nobody notices. Enter Maria Bochkareva. … Continue reading Maria Bochkareva Haiku

Nicholas and Alexandra Haiku

True love, good intent. Can they save autocracy? Say Bolsheviks, 'nyet.' They really aren't adequate replacements for basic competence at your job. And when your job is autocrat, the consequences of being shitty at it are a little more serious than 'fired without a reference.' Seriously. Pretty much every action they took from their wedding … Continue reading Nicholas and Alexandra Haiku