Lola Montez Haiku

Scandalous woman! Seducing kings to the left, Dancing sans drawers! Welcome again to Ehler's Choice Week, where I do what my family says for once in my life. Today, we have Lola Montez, an Irish courtesan, dancer, and actress - and also a possible inspiration for Irene Adler, one of the women acknowledged by Sherlock … Continue reading Lola Montez Haiku

Jennie Jerome Haiku

Fair Britain, beware! American women come To charm trousers off. Today on Royal Mistress Week, we have the fabulous and scandalous Jennie Jerome, mother of Winston Churchill. (Poor Winnie inherited his good looks from his father.) Jennie was born in Brooklyn in 1854, the middle of three daughters and a descendent of one of George … Continue reading Jennie Jerome Haiku