Felix Yusupov Haiku

How to kill perv priest? Lure him into murder trap With fit wife and cake. Today's subject for Crossdresser Week is Felix Yusupov, because damnit, it's been way too long since we've had a Russian on here. His main claim to fame has nothing to do with dressing up as a (reportedly very pretty) woman, … Continue reading Felix Yusupov Haiku

Vera Karalli Haiku

Like perv Rasputin Is going to stay to get shanked If there's no hot dames. Vera Karalli, Russian ballerina, silent film actress, dance instructor, and probable co-conspirator in Rasputin's assassination, was born 129 years ago today. In those dramatic years before the Russian Revolution, she starred in a whopping sixteen silent films, including the very … Continue reading Vera Karalli Haiku