Abigail Adams Haiku

Voted 'First Lady Least Likely to Put Up With Your Anti-Vax Shit.' Once upon a time, there was a disease called 'smallpox.' This smallpox was a son of a bitch, with a 30% mortality rate. And if you survived it? There was a pretty danged good chance you'd be scarred terribly as a permanent reminder … Continue reading Abigail Adams Haiku

Isaac Baker Brown Haiku

Wife hysterical? Gentle sir, there's a simple cure: Remove clitoris. On our final day of Quack Week, we have Isaac Baker Brown, Victorian gynecologist and the worst. Isaac Baker Brown was born in 1811 in Essex, to a farmer and a schoolmaster's daughter. After an apprenticeship with a surgeon, he skipped off to study at … Continue reading Isaac Baker Brown Haiku