Victoria, Princess Royal

A draft of this uploaded before. This was a glitch. It was not meant to happen. Enjoy the completed post. Is it Prussian Court Or pit of hissing vipers? Same thing. Run, Vicky! Victoria, Princess Royal, and Empress of Germany for a hot second, could have averted some bad shit that happened in the 20th … Continue reading Victoria, Princess Royal

Strongheart Haiku / German Shepherd Dog Facts

Strongheart: Woof! Woof! Whimper! BARK! Bark! GROWL. BARK! BARK! GRRR. Baroo? Wau, wau, wau! AWOOOO. Actor Week concludes with German Shepherd dog facts, because I had a bad sleep, there's murder in my heart, dogs soothe me, and this breed is relevant to the theme. Weirdly enough, this quintessential breed only officially came into existence … Continue reading Strongheart Haiku / German Shepherd Dog Facts