50-word Short Stories: History Edition!

More short short short stories, this time, on a theme! Read them and weep. Not literally, please. Jack the Ripper's killing spree continued. Prostitutes were being killed and mutilated in a nauseating fashion. "We should take this opportunity to look into the conditions that lead women to become prostitutes and allow them to be abused, … Continue reading 50-word Short Stories: History Edition!

50-word Short Stories vol. 3

A longer piece, as promised. The next short story I post will be the first in a series of connected stories, as mentioned during my State of the Blog Address. As money is tight right now, please consider donating via PayPal or Patreon. On with the stories! The virginal twenty-something stood naked in front of … Continue reading 50-word Short Stories vol. 3

50-word Short Stories vol. 2

The small dog bristled. This was his destiny. What he had been made for. Thousands of years of selection and evolution taught him that the most important thing was this: defend his family and destroy those who would harm them. He barked and growled at the passing cyclist. Mission accomplished. Odysseus had returned to his … Continue reading 50-word Short Stories vol. 2

50-word Short Stories vol. 1

Ten very profound stories that will change your life. “She’s not Alice anymore!” screamed Martin to Peter. Alice, fully zombified, thrashed against the metal door keeping her from eating their pork-like flesh. Peter stopped struggling against Martin. “Oh!” he said. “I guess you’re right. Shame.” No one opened the door and no one got eaten … Continue reading 50-word Short Stories vol. 1