The Salish Wool Dog

Art by me, Kelsey Ehler. Use with permission. It is a fact that the Coast Salish people weave some kickin' rad wool textiles, but you might wonder how they developed the art without any sheep around. The answer to this, along with a number of life's problems, is 'dogs'. In this case, the Salish Wool … Continue reading The Salish Wool Dog

Strongheart Haiku / German Shepherd Dog Facts

Strongheart: Woof! Woof! Whimper! BARK! Bark! GROWL. BARK! BARK! GRRR. Baroo? Wau, wau, wau! AWOOOO. Actor Week concludes with German Shepherd dog facts, because I had a bad sleep, there's murder in my heart, dogs soothe me, and this breed is relevant to the theme. Weirdly enough, this quintessential breed only officially came into existence … Continue reading Strongheart Haiku / German Shepherd Dog Facts