Mr Bingley Haiku

BBC "Darcy says Jane's cold. Off to London forever!" Just ask her, you twit. Mr Bingley's clearly a nice guy. He's also very clearly a nice twit. He gives up on a girl he's so very into, quits the area for the city forever... pretty much because Mr Darcy said Jane didn't like him, really, … Continue reading Mr Bingley Haiku

Wuthering Heights Haiku

So much sturm and drang Might be sidestepped with our friend, Pharmaceuticals Cathy and Heathcliff certainly could use them. The other characters could possibly be well-served with just the services of a shrink. Nell Dean certainly needs one after years of dealing with everyone's accumulated shit. Whoever decided this book was a goddamned romance and … Continue reading Wuthering Heights Haiku