Avatar: The Last Airbender Haiku

Aang Haiku: End the ceaseless war / With one last death, at his hands? No thanks. He's vegan. Katara Haiku: Patriarchy punched / In face with hydro power / Blasts while you wait Sokka Haiku: Balance - the be smart / Enough to guide, dumb enough / To drink cactus juice Toph Haiku: Beauty is … Continue reading Avatar: The Last Airbender Haiku

Kelsey and Five First Ladies Walk Into a Bar

Photo by Chris F on Pexels.com As Abigail Adams once said, "Remember the ladies," and indeed, I have. As a companion piece to my previous post, Kelsey and Five Presidents Walk Into a Bar, I present my thoughts on which First Ladies would be the best to throw down with me. Again, the chosen few … Continue reading Kelsey and Five First Ladies Walk Into a Bar

Canadian Election 2019 Prediction

As all Canadians are aware and no one else, an election is nigh! Hide your children, hide your spouse! (Unless they are sensible, educated voters.) My nation, be thankful, for I will tell you exactly how it will go. On October 21st, the polite, maple-scented masses will head off to their voting stations, as dictated … Continue reading Canadian Election 2019 Prediction