‘This Close to Murder’ Haiku

Punchable German In dorm won't fucking shut it. Words scatter to winds. Not punchable because he's German, but he's German and he's punchable and he won't. Stop. Skyping his girlfriend for hours at a stretch, multiple times per day, in the sleeping area. This, combined with my two-days old headache, means I'm skipping tonight. PS: … Continue reading ‘This Close to Murder’ Haiku

Special Report: Wannabe Writer Begs For Cash

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Kelsey Ehler, an ESL teacher and wannabe writer, is begging for cash through social media channels. Said Ehler, "I'm starting my new job soon, but it's going to be another month before I see my first paycheck. I tallied up my money, annnnd..." She took a deep breath and continued. "Yeah. Yeah. … Continue reading Special Report: Wannabe Writer Begs For Cash