Empress Elizabeth of Russia Haiku

"Less executions, More totally sick parties." Enlightened policy. Today on Crossdresser Week, we return to Russia, where interesting shit happened all the time. But we're turning the clock back a couple centuries to focus on Elizabeth Petrovna, Empress of Russia and daughter of Peter the Great and Catherine I. Elizabeth was born in 1709, one … Continue reading Empress Elizabeth of Russia Haiku

Frieda Belinfante Haiku

Records office bombed? Oh man, the Gestapo did Nazi that coming. Today on Crossdresser Week, we present Frieda Belinfante - cellist, conductor, and Nazi botherer. And no, I will not apologize for the terrible pun in the haiku. Frieda Belinfante was born in Amsterdam in 1904 to Aron Belinfante (a Jewish pianist) and Georgine Hesse. … Continue reading Frieda Belinfante Haiku

‘This Close to Murder’ Haiku

Punchable German In dorm won't fucking shut it. Words scatter to winds. Not punchable because he's German, but he's German and he's punchable and he won't. Stop. Skyping his girlfriend for hours at a stretch, multiple times per day, in the sleeping area. This, combined with my two-days old headache, means I'm skipping tonight. PS: … Continue reading ‘This Close to Murder’ Haiku