Avatar: The Last Airbender Haiku

Aang Haiku:

End the ceaseless war / With one last death, at his hands? No thanks. He’s vegan.

Katara Haiku:

Patriarchy punched / In face with hydro power / Blasts while you wait

Sokka Haiku:

Balance – the be smart / Enough to guide, dumb enough / To drink cactus juice

Toph Haiku:

Beauty is in the / Foot of the beholder as / It tears apart earth

Zuko Haiku:

True, ’tis rough, buddy / To have kin so mad, but you’ll / Be king by default.

Why? Because I’m not feeling well today. And when I’m not feeling well, I tend to binge watch comforting shows. Maybe there’ll be more about the other characters. Who knows.

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