Will Write For Food / Kibble / Gym Fees

Writing woman a letter, with her maid *oil on canvas *72,2 x 59,7 cm *signed c.r.: IVMeer *1670 – 1671

Here’s the scoop, y’all: I’ve started a new part-time job which will eventually put me on firm financial ground. Hurray! But note the key word there – eventually. As such, I come to you, hat in hand.

But you’ve got to get something in return. Call it a matter of pride, or a desire to be forced to practice my art.

So if you lob me $5 or more, you get a blog post of the topic of your choice. Word count: 250 or more. The post will be accompanied by a dedication to you or the person of your choice and a weird little scribble by moi.

Stumped for a topic? Here’s some suggestions!

  • Why the Provincial Government of Alberta Sucks
  • Communist and Socialist Thinkers, Ranked by Hotness
  • Weird Cocktail Recipes From Colonial Times
  • Interesting Extinct Dog Breeds
  • Why You – Yes, You – Are One Beautiful, Badass Bastard

Interested? Intrigued? Maybe a wee frightened? Lob me an email at k.ehler@gmail.com or send cash with a message via PayPal.

Thanks and danke!

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