Poor Me Haiku

Brain fuzzed with sickness,

Temper frayed by punk students.

At least I’ve sleep? Pah.

I haven’t any cheese, so I’ll keep the whine short. I’ve been sick with a bad cold lately, and while I’m mostly better, there’s that residual cotton ball feeling in my skull that dulls my thinking. Also, sleep’s been elusive, I have six work days in a row, and many of my middle school students are set on trying my patience.

(I bet all of you in my audience who are parents of long standing or teachers are shocked, shocked! at that last bit.)

Having my dog helps, but she does suck as a research assistant.

So pray to the cosmic muffin / sacrifice a goat / cross your fingers / wish really, really hard that I wake up fully rested, in tiptop health, and with a sunny disposition tomorrow. So I can get you your danged history haiku.

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