(PSA) What is Sleep? Baby Don’t Hurt Me

“Hi, class! How are you today?”

“Teacher, I’m tired.”

“Hi, tired! I’m Kelsey!”

Yes, yes. Poor me, I know. Moan, moan, moan. There! It’s out of my system, for now.

Moving on.

Here’s what’s been going on with me this past month: I did Nanowrimo – winning, but producing unpublishable dreck in the process. While it was worthwhile, I think I would have benefited more if I’d used that time for history haiku. On the upside, I had some revelations about my writing process that might have taken much longer to occur to me otherwise.

So certain events from the story I wrote are going to be shoved into the backstory of the fantasy story I’m now planning. Here are some of the books I’m reading as research material:

The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War, by Joanne B. Freeman

My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry Between Edwin and John Wilkes Booth That Led to an American Tragedy, by Nora Titone

Life in Civil War America, by Michael J. Varhola

Our American Duchess: A Biography of Laura Keene, by Vernanne Bryan

Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination: The Untold Story of the Actors and Stagehands at Ford’s Theatre, by Thomas A. Bogar

A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent, by Marie Brennan

Think you detect a theme here and want to make a suggestion? Fly at ‘er. Especially, say, if it has something to do with, oh, say, theatre life in the 19th century, memoirs and diaries from the same era, and any decent source about First Nations, Inuit, and other indigenous populations of the Americas. Currently, the plan is to spend a couple of months researching and constructing a rock solid timeline and worldbuilding database, then proceed at a leisurely pace of 1000 words per day until finished.

Also, my parents visited me and I have my dog back. Both good. I might have mentioned, though, that adjusting to my current teaching schedule has been rough, and getting up at 5 to walk the best bitch in the world has stymied that a bit.

But what of this site, you ask? What of the history haiku? Here’s my thoughts!

Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday: Full posts! Likely history-related.

Tuesday, Thursday: Short posts, like maybe fifty word short stories I compose on the MRT. (Or detailed descriptions of an annoying commuter.) Or melodramatic fictionalized recountings of some sort of bullshit I dealt with that day. Teeny book reviews. That sort of thing. Although tomorrow’s Tuesday will see a history haiku because you’ve waited long enough and I’m wasting the best years of your youth.

Wednesday: Advice column. (Send in your quandaries!)

I think this is doable. I nod in satisfaction.

PS: Feel free to suggest shit. No. I dare you to.

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