Buffy Haiku

Maybe it’s just me,

But sun shines brighter now that

I’ve my Girl Friday.

I know updates have been thin on the ground lately, what with Nanowrimo (not that I got much usable material out of it), my parents visiting, and insert sob writer story here. Happily, everything will be better now that I have the BEST GIRL with me.

Fun facts about Buffy:

1) My friend Louise named her, as I was stuck. “She looks like a corgi… Queen Mum’s nickname was Buffy… Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Got it!”

2) I haven’t been attacked by vampires once since I got her.

3) I met her in a dog shelter in Andong, South Korea, where she climbed up on my shoulder and claimed me. My landlady relented on her ‘no dogs’ rule because “you have a good heart.” (Ha!) Little did I know, the bitch was knocked up.

4) The only human-shaped thing she has ever growled at was a statue of Mao Zedong.

5) Hates baths, loves berries.

6) She can make more friends in a half hour walk than most can in a year.

7) She is so good.

I hope you enjoyed these Buffy facts. Look forward to regular updates again, and also her soothing presence on your heart.

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