(PSA) I am writing a Nanowrimo novel.

Hey, fellow kids! Like many of the ‘happening’ crowd, I am writing a Nanowrimo novel this month! This, you will agree, is very radical.

For this month, I will make history haiku posts (or something comparably delightful and/or informative) five times a week. It’s not cool to gamble, but I’d wager on seeing new content on the evenings of Friday to Monday, plus Wednesday. Taipei time, of course.

For the Nano project, I’m setting a weekly goal of 14,000 words. Daily goals are rather impractical, given my schedule. (I work Monday to Friday. M/F: Barely any classes to teach. But T-Th: 8/6/8. That shit’s tiring.)

That said, here are the stats for Thursday, November 1st:

Today’s Word Count: 1,259

Total Count: 1,259

A strong start, considering I taught eight classes today. Let’s see how well tomorrow goes, eh?

Good luck to all participants! Whether you succeed or fail, do so in a blaze of glory.

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