(PSA) Would-be Millenial Writer Whines About How Things Are Hard

Flipping dead people.

I’ve got a blog post to write!

Stop being complex.

I’ve every intention of completing Ehler’s Choice Week, but Rommel is tripping me up. He’s going to require a bit more thought, given the amount of historical controversy surrounding him.

That’s been a problem with the history haiku posts lately – they’ve become a lot longer, because I don’t want to skip important stuff. But important stuff will be skipped, because we’re talking about silly daily blog posts, not properly researched, liberally footnoted books.

But I don’t want to half-ass the Rommel post, or any others.

I’ve been pressuring myself to produce a history haiku with a lengthy write-up daily, and that obviously hasn’t been working lately. Maybe the solution is to accept that certain subjects take more time and it’s okay to draw the research out a day or two.

I think I should still write a post daily, but maybe I’ll branch out as I allow a history post to ferment.

Aye? Nay?

Folks! Times are hard. If you enjoy my work, please consider tipping, becoming a patron, or sharing my posts. Thanks!

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