Lope de Vega Haiku

Life of liaisons, Or priestly celibacy? Come, torrid affairs! Today on Playwright Week, we have Lope de Vega. (Thus finally fulfilling a request from my brother, which I was morally obligated to do, as he is the firstborn and heir.) We're also three for three with jailbirds. Lope de Vega was born in 1562 after … Continue reading Lope de Vega Haiku

Special Report: Wannabe Writer Begs For Cash

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Kelsey Ehler, an ESL teacher and wannabe writer, is begging for cash through social media channels. Said Ehler, "I'm starting my new job soon, but it's going to be another month before I see my first paycheck. I tallied up my money, annnnd..." She took a deep breath and continued. "Yeah. Yeah. … Continue reading Special Report: Wannabe Writer Begs For Cash