Jack, A Guest Haiku

On the final day of BC Week, we look to the present with a guest haiku by my friend Starsha.

Jack is a cat. My friend found him as a kitten and he promptly manipulated her then-roommate into allowing her to keep him. Purr purr, look how cute I am, purr. He has done this sort of thing a lot over the years.

Other things he’s done over the years:
– Taking down gophers.
– Breaking into other people’s apartments and houses, stealing their cats’ food, then proceeding to chill out in their living rooms.
– Kissing me with his terrible cat tongue in the night.
– Sitting with his butt in flower pots.
– Tricking roommates into feeding him multiple breakfasts.
– Chilling in empty parking stalls, belly up, purring.
– Otherwise being incredibly lazy, even by cat standards.

Things he loves:
– Food
– People who give him food
– People who might give him food
– Sunbathing while people prepare his food
– The ‘nip

This photo was taken when I became curious about just how much I could pile on Jack before his annoyance overcame his laziness and he moved. I ran out of things to pile on him before I found his limit.

Jack is proof that you can get away with anything, so long as you’re cute and make pleasing vocalizations. And that’s what I think this province needs moving forward.

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