Pliny the Elder Haiku

Fuck! What did he say Treated inhaling toxic Fumes from volcano? A cold is sapping my energy this evening. Thus, I share with you some of the foolproof cures of Pliny the Elder, Roman military commander and naturally philosopher. (Yes, this is inspired by the 'Sawbones' podcast.) I know quite a few ladies that are … Continue reading Pliny the Elder Haiku

Shakespeare Authorship Debate Haiku

Hot new theory! Top minds have uncovered truth! True author? Your mom. It's Saturday and the final day of Playwright Week. So fuck it, I'm going to rant about the stupidity that is the Shakespeare authorship debate. Hey, guess what we know about 99% of people who lived in 16th century England? Fuck all. How … Continue reading Shakespeare Authorship Debate Haiku

Agatha Christie Haiku

Husband wants divorce. Vanish, spark ten-day manhunt. Wow! That spiraled fast. Today on Playwright Week, we discuss Agatha Christie (1890-1976), author of the longest-running play of all time. (She also wrote some mystery novels, I think.) Specifically, I'm going to talk about her bonkers disappearance in 1926. Let me set the stage. She'd been married … Continue reading Agatha Christie Haiku