Sick Day / Lab Facts

I’m still sick, so you get more dog facts. History haiku should return tomorrow.

Labrador Retrievers come from Newfoundland (while Newfoundlands come from Labrador; work that one out.) Both labs and newfies come from the St John’s Water Dog, which was pretty much a Heinz 57 breed of a bunch of different European working dogs. When a lab gets tuxedo markings, it’s a throwback to their water dog ancestors.

Then the outside world discovered the lab and was like, “Holy shit, this dog is awesome. Just LOOK at it retrieve. Man.” Things snowballed from there.

Labs are known for their lovely personalities and intelligence. Mind you, most of the ones I’ve met are big ol’ derps. Maybe smart, but also derps. They are used as guide dogs, emotional support dogs (real ones), sniffer dogs, and so on. I know a chocolate sniffer lab. She is also a derp.

Also, a lab once puked in the middle of a speech in the British House of Commons. We would not be able to get away with that. Despite this breach in etiquette, I feel like labs are probably one of the better things that have come out of Canada.

Zoey, pictured here playing slobber ball with my dad, is my aunt’s lab. Zoey loves two things in this world: balls (not that kind, you sicko) and water. I think her unshakeable certainty in what she wants out of life is admirable.

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