Sick Day / Sweet Pom Facts

I am sick today and my brain is all in a fuzz and I feel sorry for myself. So let’s take a break from beheadings for some sweet dog facts.

Pomeranians originate from Germany and Poland. By the 18th century, they’d already skipped over the Channel to England, a couple of poms being owned by King George III and Queen Charlotte. Ungrateful colonials also had a few! General Charles Lee of the Continental Army (who considered a liking for his dogs to be a prerequisite for friendship, which is fair) had a beloved pom by the name of Spado. Abigail Adams met Spado at a dinner, when the pup hopped on a chair and presented their paw to her. So elegant.

You know who else loved the little fluff butts? Queen Victoria. She had a whole kennel of them and bred for smallness, which is why most poms are so wee today. Two poms managed to survive the Titanic sinking, Margaret Hays wrapping hers up in a blanket and prepared to claim it was a ‘very ugly baby’ if challenged.

RB, pictured here, is a 1/2 pomeranian, 1/4 chihuahua, 1/4 sheltie mix. She is a 16-year old good girl and Grand Dame who wants you to throw the ball ffs.

Now I nap.

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