Nell Gwynn Haiku

World will call you 'whore', But quick wit and stage presence Will make term neutral. Welcome back to Actor Week! We're continuing with everyone's favorite royal mistress, Nell Gwynn. Born in 1650 in London, the details of her early life are decidedly nebulous. Her mother, Ellen, was probably a brothel owner and the identity of … Continue reading Nell Gwynn Haiku


Vera Karalli Haiku

Like perv Rasputin Is going to stay to get shanked If there's no hot dames. Vera Karalli, Russian ballerina, silent film actress, dance instructor, and probable co-conspirator in Rasputin's assassination, was born 129 years ago today. In those dramatic years before the Russian Revolution, she starred in a whopping sixteen silent films, including the very … Continue reading Vera Karalli Haiku