Martine Bertereau Haiku

Gal finds all the mines. Call her witch, throw her in clink In case she wants cash. Martine Bertereau, Baroness de Beausoleil, lived roughly around 1600-1642 in France. She was a mining engineer and mineralogist, and with her mining expert husband Jean de Chastelet, she located over 150 potential mines. She published reports explaining their … Continue reading Martine Bertereau Haiku

Roanoke Colony Haiku

Murder? Aliens? Or went to bang hot neighbors? Deathless mystery. English colonists skedaddled from the first attempted Roanoke colony 432 years ago today,accepting Sir Francis Drake's offer to get the hell out of there. Another, more famous attempt to found a colony in that location followed shortly thereafter. THAT one disappeared after they sent Governor … Continue reading Roanoke Colony Haiku

Emmeline Pankhurst Haiku

Won't give her the vote? She'll use the bombs under skirts To blow your shit up. Emmeline Pankhurst, English suffragist, died ninety years ago today. Hobbies included politics, hunger strikes, arson, and long marches on the street. I find myself with mixed feelings about her - did her increasingly violent tactics advance the suffragist movement … Continue reading Emmeline Pankhurst Haiku