Operation Barbarossa Haiku

Europe is all ours!

Let’s poke giant, insane bear

To seal success.

The Nazi Invasion of the Soviet Union, codenamed Operation Barbarossa, was launched this day 77 years ago. Anyone who thinks Adolf Hitler was some sort of military genius should have this thrown in their face repeatedly.

Why? Oh, let’s see. Most of western Europe is under your sway. Not completely, though. There are still some irritating bugs to deal with (*cough* Britain *cough*) and shit to deal with in North Africa. What’s the smart thing to do? If you said, “Violate the non-aggression pact and invade a country with practically an endless stream of manpower, terrible winters that took down Napoleon, and a leader that matches you in insanity and homicidal tendencies,” congratulations, you are Hitler. There was a reason Churchill was so happy when he heard the news. (He did know it was coming, thanks to his fancy codebreakers, and tried to warn Stalin, but, well, Stalin.)

You’d have to be hopped up on speed and coke to think this would go well, which to be fair, Hitler and most of his forces were.

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