Martine Bertereau Haiku

Gal finds all the mines.

Call her witch, throw her in clink

In case she wants cash.

Martine Bertereau, Baroness de Beausoleil, lived roughly around 1600-1642 in France. She was a mining engineer and mineralogist, and with her mining expert husband Jean de Chastelet, she located over 150 potential mines. She published reports explaining their work and in one of them, she made the mistake of kind of sort of asking Cardinal Richelieu to maybe see that they were compensated in some way for their incredibly valuable efforts. Their work hadn’t been cheap and they were on the brink financially.

Cardinal Richelieu responded in the most sensible fashion: accuse the couple of witchcraft (it hadn’t been the first time someone did that) and arrest them. Jean was thrown into the Bastille, Martine and their eldest daughter in the Château de Vincennes, with their other children scattered to the winds. Friends tried to locate the children and make sure their own needs were met while imprisoned, but nevertheless, they were never freed.

And now barely anyone remembers Martine and Jean. Fucking Richelieu.

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