Catherine I Haiku

Stacked washerwoman?

Woo giant tsar and become

Empress of Russia

Catherine I died 291 years ago today. She was the second wife of Peter the Great and her origins were as humble as dirt. She ruled Russia after Peter died. Please not that she is not Catherine the Great – that was her granddaughter-in-law.

Between Catherine I, Anna Iaonnova, Anna Leopoldovna (as regent), Elizabeth Petrovna (Catherine’s daughter), and Catherine the Great, 18th century Russia was largely ruled by women. Then Catherine the Great’s son Paul, who really hated dear old mom, changed the world rules so women wouldn’t be allowed in the top spot anymore.

Thus contributing to the end of the tsars when the only son of the last emperor was a sickly hemophiliac. Way to go, Paul, you ungrateful brat.

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