Neville Chamberlain Haiku

Parents, PMs, learn –

Don’t give a remedies, murderous babe

Land with each tantrum.

Rookie parenting mistake. (Fun fact: May 10th is the 78th anniversary of Chamberlain’s resignation.)

I don’t doubt that the man had good intentions, especially given the nasty hangover most of Europe went through post WWI. But man, oh man. There were enough red flags to supply a whole damned red army.

Churchill was sure as hell problematic, but there was a reason he was sent for after Chamberlain left – he was the one of his position that actually saw the blindingly obvious. (During the thirties, he was offered an opportunity to meet with Hitler, which was rescinded when he made it clear that he would be asking some pointed questions about the Jews.)

And then Chamberlain dies just months later of cancer, the war still on. I don’t imagine his state of mind was that good.

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