VE Day Haiku

Hitler’s corpse is burnt

At last, Europe is free-ish

Let’s get drunk AF.

It’s May 8th, which is VE Day! So let’s pour one out for all of our relatives who were wrapped up in the all-consuming conflagration that was World War II.

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate:

  • Read an article or book about some aspect of the war you are unfamiliar with. (For example, the 2.5 million Indian soldiers, or the ridiculously sublime double agent, Juan Pujol Garcia?)
  • Ensure that you’ve made all measures you can to ensure that you can vote when next the time you comes.
  • Acquire news from a variety of sources and learn how to discern biases and to sort out the reliable sources from the shoddy.
  • Watch a World War II documentary with a bottle of your grandpa’s favorite brew while a manly tear rolls down your cheek.
  • Punch Richard Spencer in the face.

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2 thoughts on “VE Day Haiku

  1. I forgot it was VE Day. Fortunately I just finished a novel set in WW2 – “The Baker’s Secret”. I recommend it.


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