Nicholas and Alexandra Haiku

True love, good intent.

Can they save autocracy?

Say Bolsheviks, ‘nyet.’

They really aren’t adequate replacements for basic competence at your job. And when your job is autocrat, the consequences of being shitty at it are a little more serious than ‘fired without a reference.’

Seriously. Pretty much every action they took from their wedding onward (proceeding with a ball when a bunch of peasants just got trampled outside? What?) was a terrible one. It’s like the historical equivalent of those infomercial reenactments where people are hilariously awful at basic household tasks.

Also, don’t trust shifty, dirty horndog priests.

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2 thoughts on “Nicholas and Alexandra Haiku

  1. Well, as was pointed out I “Nicholas and Alexandra” by Robert Massie, Nicky would have made an awesome King of England, where he could just be nice and not have any actual power.

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    1. Alexandra wouldn’t have been a very popular queen, though, for the same reason she made a muddle of it in Russia. Her grandmother understood that, much as she hated it, she had to go out, be seen, and perform her duties 100%. Alexandra never understood that. It’s easy to understand why she didn’t want to deal with that shit, but also understandable why she was so unpopular as a result.


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