Mr Bingley Haiku


“Darcy says Jane’s cold.

Off to London forever!”

Just ask her, you twit.

Mr Bingley’s clearly a nice guy. He’s also very clearly a nice twit. He gives up on a girl he’s so very into, quits the area for the city forever… pretty much because Mr Darcy said Jane didn’t like him, really, no, my fingers aren’t crossed behind my back, why do you ask.

He doesn’t try to sound her out, or even have a few words with Elizabeth (who is obviously close to her sister, as witnessed by her tromping across the countryside for her when she heard she was sick and would probably have a better idea of the matter than Darcy). He just… leaves.

Bingley, if Darcy tells you to jump off a bridge, the correct response is not to say, “I’m sure you know what’s best for me.” Fuck’s sake, man.

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