Lydia Bennett Haiku

What brave modern times!

When you can run off with cad

Without shit marriage!

I think Lydia would have appreciated modern divorce laws when she turned 21, her brain function had developed a bit more, and it dawned on her that she was five years into a shit-tier marriage. A youthful indiscretion is usually not the end of the world these days. Progress!

I mean, while re-reading Pride and Prejudice, she doesn’t come across as any less of a twit, but lots of us were more twitty than we’d like to cop to at 15/16.

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3 thoughts on “Lydia Bennett Haiku

    1. I don’t like her either. But I think a lot of people can think of being saddled with the first person they slept with (especially if they were sixteen at the time) until one of them was dead with at least a mild amount of horror.


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