Wuthering Heights Haiku

So much sturm and drang Might be sidestepped with our friend, Pharmaceuticals Cathy and Heathcliff certainly could use them. The other characters could possibly be well-served with just the services of a shrink. Nell Dean certainly needs one after years of dealing with everyone's accumulated shit. Whoever decided this book was a goddamned romance and … Continue reading Wuthering Heights Haiku


The Days of Stonild Lark, by Linnaeus Fryer – Part V

Behold, the fifth part! For previous installments, as well as all other Animas stories, click the 'Animas' category tag at the top of the post. Thanks! Sir Stonild never revealed to me the precise reason behind her decision to enter the political arena, particularly at such a young age - nineteen summers, then as now, … Continue reading The Days of Stonild Lark, by Linnaeus Fryer – Part V

Duchess Kate to Meghan Markle: “Run.”

(CC) Mark Jones Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was overhead by about ten gazillion members of the paparazzi and other observers to whisper 'run' repeatedly to Meghan Markle, her future sister-in-law, last week. "Run. Find a monastery somewhere. Hide out for a few years. I know you love him, but what of the cost? Run. Run. … Continue reading Duchess Kate to Meghan Markle: “Run.”