(PSA) State of the Blog Address

This is the 201st post. That’s something to feel good about.

First thing’s first: I’ll be continuing the daily haiku.

Second thing’s second: those fake news articles are way, way, way more popular than anything else I post. My focus must consequently shift to them. I am currently working on a separate site for historical / time travel fake news, which should go live sometime next month. Naturally, I will announce it here when it does.

Third thing’s third: if I expand, I’m going to need cash. (A premium WordPress site is $8/month, payable yearly.) I will not charge anyone for the content I post. However, if you would like to commission a story, haiku, or another sort of writing, please email me. Or you can make a one-time donation through PayPal or become a monthly supporter through Patreon. If you enjoy my work, but can’t throw money at it, you can support it in other ways, like sharing or commenting on posts you enjoy.

Fourth thing’s fourth: I’m considering starting up a podcast, as I have the voice and face for radio. This is still in the very, very early planning stages.

Fifth thing’s fifth: I’m considering discontinuing posting (not writing!) the Animas stories due to very limited interest (post stats do not lie). I am open to having my mind changed. If there is an uptick in interest, or someone lets me know they enjoy them, that mind might very well be changed.

Sixth thing’s sixth: tell me what kind of writing you want to read. Because I care.

Seventh thing’s seventh: I believe in you.

Want to support my writing? Please consider tipping me via PayPal or Patreon. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “(PSA) State of the Blog Address

  1. Ooh, podcast. I am catching up on your posts right now through the possibly hundreds of emails :P. My eldest is running around mostly entertaining himself and the little one naps. Just talking to Jason about how you should have the history haiku and blurbs made into a book. Maybe we could set aside time to illustrate it… A thought. They are entertaining and interesting stuff. And short for those of us short on time.

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