Homely Woman Can’t Get Laid, Does Not Go On Killing Spree

Some context: it appears as though the perpetrator of the recent Toronto van attack was an incel. Believe it or not, women get rejected too, often continuously, and yet…

Megan Macdonald, a 21-year old English major attending University of Victoria, has never successfully sealed the deal with a dude, yet has not gone on a killing spree.

Macdonald, who is usually described as ‘interesting-looking’ by her friends and ‘homely’ by everyone else, has looked into many many methods of attracting a fellow into her bed. “Tinder, OkCupid, meet-ups, blind dates, parties, LARPing, sitting in a bar at last call..” she said, ticking them off with her fingers. “You name it, I’ve tried it. But no takers.”

Macdonald, whose personality has been described as ‘really funny, but best in small doses,’ is philosophical about her failed attempts. “I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but who is, right? I bet you’d find guys who look at Jennifer Lawrence and are all like, ‘nah, have you seen her ears? Ew.'”

“I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t make me feel… well, shitty. But what can you do?”

When asked about the possibility of taking out her frustration on the male populace via an firearms or a motorized vehicle aimed at pedestrians, Macdonald reacted in horror.

“What the fuck? How… Like, how in the fuck… What can I even fucking say to that?”

“‘Hey, men, you’d better fuck me, or I’ll kill you!’ Jesus Christ. If I ever even think that, call a psych ward. Or the police. Fuck. Who would even…?”

Well done, Megan!

An hour later, Harry Horner, a man who ghosted Macdonald after they were set up by mutual friends, posted on Reddit about how woman are ‘all slut bitches who won’t give nice guys like me a chance.’

In short, no one is entitled to anyone’s genitals. Get rejected? Learn to deal with it healthily. I speak from experience.

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