Taipei Haiku #70

Young love so frail

Dies like youth if hands not clasped

Each goddamned moment

If you can’t deal with standing behind your significant other instead of beside them on the escalator for a goddamned minute, I have bad news for you: your relationship is doomed.

It is very confusing. Presumably, these couples have used the MRT before. Thus, they should be aware that other people use the MRT and that some of them want to catch the train. How did they reach maturity not knowing basic escalator etiquette? If they don’t know about this brand of etiquette, can anyone say they’re actually mature enough for a relationship?

Do they think their significant other is a child who needs their hand held in these situations?

Regardless of these philosophical matters, they should get out of my way.

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One thought on “Taipei Haiku #70

  1. When I was working on the transfer car, my partner and I made up a little song. The lyrics were “Get the fuck out of my way”. That’s it.
    Feel free to take that song as your own.


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