A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Haiku

Sir Walter Scott

How tell thee to fuck thyself?

Let Twain count the ways.

I read this book, and Life on the Mississippi right after. In the latter, he goes on quite a rant about Sir Walter Scott and the great regard among the south for his works, stopping just short of accusing that brand of romanticism of causing the Civil War. (Stopping short in a ‘I’m not, but I totally am’ sort of way.)

After reading that rant, it became clear where A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court came from, for it’s not a happy, jolly tale and it’s not about how fun it would be to travel to the past to the time of Heroes and Daring Deeds. Shit was miserable in the past and it could only be improved by some nineteenth-century philosophy and industry.

Now wait for my hard-hitting sequel – A British Columbian Canuck in Grover Cleveland’s White House.

Edit: If you’re into audiobooks, I recommend Nick Offerman’s narration, available through Amazon.

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