Gone With the Wind Haiku #1

Scrappy child of South

Calluses on fine white hands

Worse than slavery

Why, why, why am I still reading this book, which seems intent in slapping me upside the head with its cartoonish levels of racism (with bonus classism) whenever I start to get even a little bit into it? Yes, you could make the case that the characters would have believed such sentiments, but everything I’ve read about Margaret Mitchell indicates that she shared them.

Last night, I read a scene with Scarlett and a pack of terrible Yankee women where the author tries to make the case that such people were more racist than those who enslaved people on the basis of skin color. Yeah, the historical record shows that the majority of white northerners were definitely racist too, but come the fuck on.

Two-thirds of the way through this doorstop. Pray for me.

PS: Can anyone recommend a palate cleanser for this?

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