Taipei Haiku #67

Uncanny street marks –

What weird purpose could they serve?

Let’s park cars on them.

Call me crazy, but the purpose of a crosswalk seems generally consistent across the globe – namely, for people to cross the street via walking. Yet many drivers appear not to have received the memo. I am confused. Such knowledge is required in order to obtain a driver’s license, is it not?

Pay attention to your car and its surroundings, you unbelievable pricks.

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2 thoughts on “Taipei Haiku #67

  1. You know what my favourite is? It’s when I see cars parked inside the red lines in order to avoid getting a ticket. Recently a new pedestrian walkway/strip of green paint was added along a street near my apartment. Conveniently, the space between the wall and the red line marking the outer limits of the pavement was the perfect size for a car. Two weeks later, plastic bollards were installed to make the city planner’s intentions a little clearer.

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    1. Sweet Jesus Murphy. Reminds me me of Korea, where it was the fashion to park halfway on the damned sidewalk. Or, ooh! Let’s park on either side of a narrow side street so it becomes one-lane!



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