(Animas) An Incident at Lacy Square – June 30th, 1082 CR, Deighton Cryer


Another Animas story! This brief tale has one character from ‘Concerning Sal’, but it isn’t really necessary to read that one first. Got a suggestion for a story in this world? Comment!

A most curious incident, reported to us by reliable witnesses, occurred this past Saturday in Lacy Square.

Two gentlemen (Mr. Hraefn and Mr. Bellgate, Venture Men both) had returned to the our bustling city from a wendigo-hunting expedition in the north and promptly made their way to Lacy Square in search of news and sustenance. As such, they were decidedly hairy and fragrant to a degree objectionable even to the noses of a Deighton citizen and the pair were given a wide berth. This is normally an impossible state of affairs in the Square, as you well know, save for the smallest hours of the night.

As it transpired, the two eventually passed in front of a stall operated by one Sal Dean, a recent immigrant to Deighton from the Old Country. The merchandise offered by Ms. Dean happened to be a wide array of soaps of the most pleasant scents and the sudden appearance of Mr. Hraefn and Mr. Bellgate presented to her a most opportune chance to market her wares. This she promptly took advantage of, throwing upon them the liquid variety of her soap – and summoning a deluge of water from her hands to douse them before they had a chance to object to their mistreatment! The young lady had the bones of god in her!

This done, with the men fully cleansed, Ms. Dean invited all gathered to lean in close and take a long sniff at Mr. Hraefn and Mr. Bellgate. This invitation was taken up with hesitation at first, but then gusto, as it became clear that the two gentlemen, formerly fragrant with the sweat and dirt of the wilderness, now smelled only faintly of the sweetest cherry blossoms! Ms. Dean made brisk sales that day and she generously gave her two ‘helpers’ a sizeable cut, on account of their un-volunteered assistance.

It is reported that both gentlemen are now seeking the lady’s hand in matrimony, although it is uncertain at this early act which, if either, of them will ultimately prove successful in his suit. Mr. Hraefn is generally considered to be the handsomer and more clever of the two, but he is decidedly foreign. Mr. Bellgate has the softer manners, except in regards to politics, as he airs his views loudly and at length in less than appropriate situations.

We will recount to you more regarding this story as it develops. You may also place a bet regarding the ultimate outcome of this affair at our offices on 45 Couver Street.

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