Taipei Haiku #49

Cold sugar water

Because low-cal refreshment

Gives you cancer, probs

(Note: Aspartame, stevia, etc do not give you cancer, OK? OK.)

I am a short female. While I am more active than the average person (weightlifting three times a week, jogging six days a week, regularly walking for three hours at a stretch no big deal), my daily energy expenditure is seldom going to be so high that I’m not going to look at a 200-calorie drink and not want to consume something that’s not just empty calories instead.

But in the convenience stores here? Sugar, sugar, everywhere. Options under 200 calories are few. Under 100? Even fewer. The milk tea drinks will have one or two grams of protein, but aside from that? Good ol’ sugar, far as the eye can see.

Unless you opt for water. Then prepare to pay as much, or more, for the privilege.


I might be crazy, but this problem seems worse than it was in Korea or Canada.

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