Taipei Haiku #46

Evil designs gym

“Let’s charge by time spent and have

Only one squat rack.”

It is true that the price of the sports complex in question is not, in the scheme of things, expensive. You can go there without a contract or ID. Those are good things! But I object on a philosophical level to having to pay more for a shittier, more time-consuming workout. There is only one bench press too and if someone is monopolizing that, well, too bad, because you’re not allowed to move a bench into the squat rack if it’s free. (It might interfere with these stupid ab machines, of which there are three, you see.)

Meanwhile, there’s approximately one billion cardio machines, half of which are treadmills. The riverside park is about a five minute walk away, which provides a jogging path that stretches on for miles with zero risk of being run down by a vehicle.

(grinds teeth, clenches fist)

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