Taipei Haiku #38

Dessert perfection

Splatter some sprinkles on it

I am an adult

My favorite kind of cake is upside down cake made in accordance with my dad’s recipe. My second favorite is birthday cake, particularly the kind that comes out of a Betty Crocker recipe. Because sprinklers are awe and I am bad at sophistication.

So I see this in the 7-Eleven and I think, “Yeah. Glico gets me.” I did not actually end up getting the Pocky in question, except in the way that it’s now in the back of my mind, lurking. “It’s hot, you need hydration and caffeine, you’ve got abs to think about, be satisfied with your cold oolong tea,” I tell myself. Still, it lurks.

Holy shit, guys – what if some clever son of a bitch put sprinkles on egg tarts? I’d be lost.

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