Taipei Haiku #33

Retirement dream

All day and every day

Karaoke time

I unironically enjoy karaoke and I’m not ashamed to say so. Not so much in a ‘skeezy bar karaoke night’ sort of way, but a ‘grab some friends and rent a karaoke room’ sort of way. When I was feeling down while living in Seoul, I used to go and rent a room during the day when the rates were dirt cheap and just belt it out.

(I wonder what the rates are for the KTV rooms here? Are there practice rooms you can go to, like in Korea? I get my first pay next week and I must take advantage of this.)

This isn’t the only place I’ve seen old folks set up a karaoke machine and just belt it out in the company of friends. I can’t help but think that they’ve got the right idea.

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