Self Haiku #1

Stuck at home, you’ve time

To reflect on all kind things

You forgot to say

I’m a naturally anxious person who will kick myself over something I might have done or not done a decade ago, long after the other parties involved have forgotten the incident.

As you might be aware, I’m in a tight way financially now, which nixes going out until the money comes in. But it does mean that I spend my weekends at home right now and while I’m often successful at distracting myself with writing, reading, jogging, TV, etc (what a marvelous modern age we live in!), sometimes the bad stuff slips through.

“You didn’t thank this person enough.” “You were too selfish.” “You should have done something more about that.” “You jumped to conclusions and mucked things up.” “You lost your temper and embarrassed yourself.”

Usually, I’m better by morning.

I do know from experience that this sort of thing can be a sign of something more serious, so if it persists after I’m financially secure and have started weightlifting again, I’ll take appropriate action.

Until then, send dog memes.

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